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Official Sponsor of the HOP Tour 2022

For the second year in a row MVP Padel will be one of the official sponsors of the largest padel tour in the UK. This year the event organised by team GB coach John Leach and top UK padel player Javi Serrats is getting larger with more tournaments and more fun!

In addition to the "casual" player tour, 2022 will include a PRO player tour and women tour.

#hoptour #homeofpadel #padeltournament #mvppadel

Register today!

There is a total of 16 padel events between May and October. The winners of each event will be invited to a Grand Master tournament in the Fall 2022. The key dates and venues confirmed to date are as follows, to register just go to

Regular tour

  • May 8: Middlesbrough Tennis World (Registration open)

  • May 14-15: Harbour Club, London (Registration open)

  • May 21-22: Surge Padel, Harrogate (Registration open)

  • June 18: Roehampton, London (Registration open)

  • July 9-10: HSFC, Harrogate

  • July, date TBD: MVP, Oxford #mvppadel

  • 7th event TBD

PRO tour (prize fund in excess of £400 per event)

  • May 2: Harbour Club, London (Registration open)

  • May 10-11: National Tennis Center, London (Registration open)

  • TBD: Surge Padel, Harrogate

  • 4th event TBD

Women tour

  • May 28: HSFC, Harrogate

  • June 18: Surge Padel, Harrogate

  • 3rd event TBD

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