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MVP Padel, UK padel network expansion

With the delivery of Oxfordshire's first padel club underway, MVP establishes itself as one of a handful of private padel companies to have secured, funded and started construction of a padel club in the UK.

The padel club at Oxford Sports LTC marks the first stage of MVP's journey to build a nationwide padel club network in the UK. With a pipeline of over 30 projects - a potential of more than 150 padel courts - we expect to be able to announce a number of new venues in 2022. We are working extremely hard finalising designs and terms and look forward to sharing details once sites are secured and entering the construction phase.

Our most advanced projects include those with sports/tennis clubs and leisure centres as well as large (5+) covered court facilities in attractive urban locations with private landowners. Our largest project has more than 8 courts, a club house, social and F&B area. We also have some exciting partnerships in the making which we will reveal shortly.

Since we launched in early 2021 we have been amazed at the amount of interest from all types of stakeholders recognising the benefits padel can bring to their location. We continue to receive a large number of enquiries and are always keen to discuss new projects.

If you have location ideas or whether you are an owner or operator of:

  • commercial real estate or land

  • tennis or racquets club

  • leisure or sports centre

  • parking

  • golf club

  • hotel

  • school/university

please reach out and we will be delighted to share our knowledge and explore how we could team up and add a new padel centre to our network.

Our approach provides a risk free solution to our partners as we bear the financial, planning, delivery and operations risks. We are flexible in our approach and are willing to adapt designs and terms to accommodate our partners or the location.

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