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The UK Padel Revolution continues!

You live in the UK and keep hearing that padel is the "fastest growing" sport in the world and that you should ABSOLUTELY TRY IT but you still have no idea what it is about nor where to play it, let alone what a padel court looks like. We are not surprised! #padel

As of November 2021 the UK had approximately 150 padel courts (vs more than 7,000 tennis courts), while Spain had more than 20,000 courts and countries like Sweden, France and Italy went from virtually none a few years ago to more than 2,000 today...even Belgium and the Netherlands are joining the party with several hundreds added over the last couple of years.

The number of padel courts in the UK has grown by more than 65% in the last 12 months and this is accelerating at a rapid pace. #padelgrowth

Igniting the Game

MVP Padel was set up to IGNITE THE GAME and support the growth of padel in the UK. MVP Padel is working very hard to develop a network of dedicated padel clubs and support various stakeholders to bring padel to their venue! At MVP Padel we are investing, developing and operating state of the art padel clubs designed with best in class suppliers and sports specialists.

Our first padel venue will open in June 2022 in Oxford and will be the largest venue in Oxfordshire with 3 premium padel courts, making MVP Padel one of the very few private companies in the UK to have delivered a fully funded project from A to Z to date.

We have plenty more padel projects in the pipeline and are always eager to discuss new sites and opportunities so if you want to discuss anything padel please reach out!

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